Sunday, January 17, 2010

Don't Blame The Stars

18th January 2006
"Be careful what you wish for," I remember thinking, many years ago.

I loosely recall it as the theme of an Outer Limits episode, and a book written by Isaac Asimov about a bloke who had a small demon that made peoples' wishes come true. In the book, the demon normally succeeded in making the wish come true, but the wisher was usually cursed with the wish rather than blessed.

If I were to make an example up, I'd say something like imagine wishing for all the money in the world. Only to wake up the next day under, well, all the money in the world. For perhaps a few seconds you could think, "Money=Good! Suffocating, collapsed lung=Bad!".

Based on this, I remember that when I made a wish, I was careful to qualify it such that I couldn't think of a bad side.

I remember gazing up at the night sky from my window.

I remember staring up at the stars and wishing to find a girl I loved, who also loved me.

After all, how could that possibly have any possible bad points?

Please, don't blame the stars.

Those words, that post, marked the start of a journey for me.

It was so much, and so many things. I find that I look back now, and I am glad. I am glad to have embarked upon it. Glad that it happened the way that it happened.

It seems strange. To say that I am glad. After so much, so many things. But it is the road I followed. The route that led me here. It is a part of me now. And I am glad.

This blog, it feels like a Ship's Log. A log for a ship that no longer sails. She has had a good life, but finally her time has come. Time for her tale to reach its end.

No more stories. No more journeys.

I have new ships to sail.