Thursday, October 25, 2007

That Still and Settled Place

After she had gone, I found a card that Quna had left hidden for me.

Regarding it, when I spoke to her about it afterwards, she said "I've always quite liked Edward Monkton cards, and he says it far better than what I ever could."

But still, I think that what she wrote inside, and what she told me, was also very beautiful.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Weekend Rainbows

I notice this on weekends when the sun comes in above my curtains. How cool is that? :)

And also: Welcome to Cognidubnus who has (I assume) found his way here from Roses' blog :)

Should get back to normal reading/writing soon. Quna's here for a few days, at the moment... :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm Not Dead

Hello! :)

Yes, I am back, and am not dead or anything :)

I have a couple of ideas for blog posts I'd like to do re. my holiday, but haven't quite got around to creating them yet.

Been busy recently. Part work, part pleasure... Over the last few, erm, months, I've been slowly watching 24 Season 2. It hadn't grabbed me much, but now, towards the end, it did, so the last several nights I've watched an episode or two (erm, or on one occasion, four) in a night ;)

Meanwhile, while I was on holiday, our office got completely done over, and all our PCs nicked.

They even took the Crunchies from my desk drawer (ripped off of its runners). Heartless bastards.

So, work has been a bit busy recently too ;)

On top of that, I'm still cooking (properly) a decent proportion of the time too, which eats another hour (hey, it takes me a li'l while, but I get there) of the evening.

Oh, and I'm back into reading again, too.

Partly though, I've just felt so knackered by the time I get home recently, that I've not really had the time - or energy - to work out what I'm saying. And then it all sort of tumbles out a bit randomly ;)

Fancy that ;)

I feel happy... ;)

Thursday, October 04, 2007


I shall be off tomorrow, on holiday, to darkest Wales :)

My parents & sister are coming to the end of a week there, and have another week there yet.

I shall be joining them... Although I haven't actually told them this :D

I'm off tomorrow, and all of next week :)

I shall be packing this evening (until about 3am) and leaving early tomorrow morning (say, about 3pm ;) )

My rough plan is to stay there until Thursday next week, when I'll head over to Quna's and bring her back to my gaff for the weekend.

Actually, I really like my flat, you know :) It's not just my flat, it is my home :) Quna says she likes it too, which is cool :) She says it's very relaxing :) I'm quite proud of my little place :)
Once we get our house sold, it would be cool if I had the opportunity to buy this one, but I doubt that'll be possible (Even if the opportunity arose, I don't know that I could afford it).

Anyway, sorry, that was just something unrelated that I'd been thinking about for a while, that just sort of... leaked out :)

So, take care of the place while I'm gone, for me :)

Thank yoooou :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Made from a few random bits and bobs I had around that I wanted to use up.

(Couple of chicken breasts, end of a packet of mediterranean roasting veg or something, chilli/tomato sauce I made yesterday to go with chicken&rice. Chicken dusted with olive oil, salt, pepper, chicken stock stuff, paprika)

Monday, October 01, 2007

Old Romantic

A cunning combination of crafty considerations culminated this weekend.

Sorry, I seem to have been fancying the odd spot of alliteration recently :)

The second present I bought Quna finally came into its own this weekend, to turn into one really, really exciting amazing present.

Well. Ish. ;)

Back on the second time I met her (hmm, which was after our first date, but had been unsure of how it had gone, so the next time I met her after that wasn't an official "date), I bought Quna a rather special little present.

Then, I knew one thing she'd have liked recently (as a practical li'l present), that I'd bought a few days before she came over this weekend.

AND, while she was over here, I then spotted something else that I said "Ooh! Can I buy that for you?" over.

And so, that second time I met Quna, that gift I gave her then came in useful. And some people may have thought I was mad to buy her a lightbulb ;)

Oh yes, a light bulb, two four-way extension leads, and a small lamp. It doesn't get better than that ;)