Monday, April 17, 2006

As for us...

Things are still much the same as they have been, except that now we're married.

No, we still haven't got around to some sort of councelling.

No, we didn't manage to magically sort things out on the honeymoon (Hey, I had been holding out some hope for that one).

No, we haven't been at it like a pair of Easter bunnies this weekend (Hey, I had been holding out some hope for that one) (she had a headache all weekend - yes, a real one, although whether she subconciously wanted one as an excuse, I couldn't say).

No, we haven't been all "newlyweddy" all the time and all over the place (Hey, I had been holding out some hope for that one).

And finally, no, I still haven't got the hang of writing a short post that says everything I have to say ;) (No, there wasn't much hope of that one!)

Aren't I the Hypocrite

Following on from my last post, I kept checking back here every few hours until a comment was made.

I saw one had arrived, I read it... And then did nothing really until today.

So, I'm sorry I only get around to posting every few days or weeks, whilst expecting other people to comment in mere moments.

I guess that one problem is that I don't really like to think about the fact that I have this 'ere blog. It's only a reminder of the fact that thing's ain't too perfect, and most of the time, I'm all too aware of that without needing to write about it.

And besides, all I ever do is moan and whinge. Who wants to spend their time reading about THAT? :)