Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Alright Then

Which one of you li'l bastards has been stealing my pillow cases and replacing each one with one of a slightly different shade?

I'm sure I've bought at least a few sets of white ones, and yet I only appear to have two. The rest are all cream, or natural, or beige-ish, or "something that looks mostly white until you put it next to white when you realise it isn't".

All I want is a couple of cheap cases each for my bottom pillows, and a cheap one again to go underneath the top pillow's "outer" case. Is that really so much to ask? And yet despite the hundred I seem to have, they don't appear to match. And no, I haven't buggered their colours up in the wash ;)

Note to self: Buy more cheap simple white pillow cases.

Note to self: Hang on a minute... Didn't Prince George always run out of socks because Blackadder was selling them on? Hmm, probably a ridiculous notion...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Warped Time-Space Continuum

As agreed, "if you're very nice, maybe I'll even post some pictures when I get back!"

Well, unfortunately, there was clearly a twisty warpy thingy in the time-space continuum (thingy) since then, which meant that somehow it bizarrely appears as though I am posting these pictures a week later. Pfsskch! Which clearly I'm not. Clearly.

Ok, so, maybe I do get juuuuust a little distracted and other things overtake me and I don't get around to blogging ;) I thought I might have got around to doing something this weekend, but then decided to hop over to Quna's on the Saturday :) (and, to answer SandDancer's question, yes, she does know I call her Quna online - why? it doesn't have connotations of which I am unaware, does it?)

My to-do list for this evening includes:
- Take short network cable back to work
- Submit support tickets for both my router and my wireless card, because they're both big piles of smelly smelly poo.
- Change bed linen (hopped home at lunch, stripped it, and stuck it in the machine already, so that's half-way done)
- Read book
- Play Oblivion
- Tidy
- *mumblepayparkingticket*
- Oh bollocks! I meant to go bloody shopping! I plain forgot. Right, that's something to do when I finish this then.

Got my first parking ticket last week. Whoo. Hoo. ;) I was five minutes late back to the car, and found the bloke printing it as I got there. Apparently they give you four minutes grace. D'OH!
"Don't let it spoil your day," said the traffic warden, "because it spoils mine when we have to do it to a nice person." (I'd been pretty much "Ok, well, fair enough, it's your job, not the end of the world" about it)

I took Quna here last week:

Which is such a cool place over that side of the country :) I used to love running around there when I was little :) And... I still do ;) We spent an hour or two having a slow meander around (well, relatively speaking, there were short dashes and such things within it :) ) After we'd had the picnic that I'd prepared (French baton, bread rolls, butter, cheese, sausage rolls, set of cutlery, couple of beers [she chose beer over wine for that occasion], quiche, nice thick ham, kettle chips, flask of tea, jam doughnuts, fruity slicey latticey thingy, fresh strawberries & black grapes), we split up for a bit - she wandered around with her camera, whilst I ran around with mine ;) AND, AND, she let me get my walkie talkies out, so we could each say random things at the other as we were around and about.

It was a lovely sunny day :)

The next day, I'd planned on going to the beech, but due to other arrangements that then popped up, we didn't. Instead, Quna took us to this park near to where she lives.

Of course, with the amount of food I'd bought, I still went home with a load too! But, as I went home via my parents, most of the remainder got eaten for tea there :)

Oh, and here's a pic, which I took on our first date, that I quite like. I only took it on my camera phone, but I printed it out to put in a frame recently :)

That was somewhere near to Quna before she moved. Glorious day, it was. Everyone at work took the piss out of me for getting sunburnt ;)

I saw advent calendars in the shops again, in about the first week of September. I was thinking about this recently, when I realised it's quite cool to be able to look back and see what I was doing "at this time last year", and how some things are different and some things are the same. I should try to blog more, and on time ;), so that I continue to keep such a record :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Office Humour

So, I'd been talking to One Of Them Downstairs about the fact that when generating a new e-mail via a certain method, it didn't include the signature.

OOTD decided to try a couple of things and sent me an e-mail test - I'd mentioned that one problem could arise with images, and their looking ok on the original PC, but not working on the recipient's PC.

The following chain of e-mails ensued...







At this point, I decided to walk downstairs again. I decided to try to remain serious as I entered the room. I'm never very good at that.

But, as I went downstairs, I thought I was going to manage it. As I walked in, I began to smile, as did OOTD when he looked up at me. Within about half a second, we both creased up laughing.

Ho hum ;)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Whilst I Want to Write More...

...At least this is something until it gets fleshed out a little more :)

I'm honestly not sure where the time goes in general these days! Hmm, I think I seem to spend quite a lot of time on the phone... :)

I want to keep you all updated as to just... erm... whatever, really :)


I have Friday off work and am heading away Thursday evening t' Quna's. I have stuff ready for a picnic on Friday, and possibly again on Saturday :D But shhh, because I'm refusing to tell her where we'll be going ;) (Well, ok, she knows "beach" or "not beach" ;) )
It's nowhere like super-exciting, just a couple of places I remember from over that way :)

Maybe if you're nice to me, I shall post some pics upon my return... :)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Good Film, Good Wine, Good Pasta

Yum, that was rather delicious :)

Nice glass of wine, good film to enjoy (Crimson Tide, not watched it for several years, enjoyed watching it again :D ), and delicious pasta :)

And, and, AND...

I even made it ALL myself, even the sauce! (And it's a proper sauce :) ) How cool is that? :)

Ok, I had a little help, but not much. No, really! I don't mean "a little help" as in "someone else made it and I stirred it when they asked me, while I put a film on" ;)

I was wandering around the supermarket and thinking about what to have for tea, and what I already had in my cupboards, when I decided I'd have tuna and pasta :)
I've attempted this before, but the "sauce" has been a bit, uh, "jazz" ;)

Well, this time I thought back to the rather delicious cheese sauce that I had observed Quna (thought about a name for her, decided to invent one, came up with that, I'm thinking it's pronounced Koo-na) make the other day. So I gave her a quick ring and confirmed what it was and how it "worked", and then got it all under way, with a couple of extra tips ("You've got some whole-grain mustard, haven't you? Put a couple of tea spoons of that in.") along the way.

And, I've still got enough left in the fridge for another couple of meals :)

Yum yum yummy yum yum :)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hello Hello


How are you? I hope you're keeping well.

Phew. I'm pretty good, thank you, just seem to have been so busy recently!

I think I have two draft posts I started over the last few weeks but didn't finish. One about when I met Mrs M a few weeks ago, and one about my Nan.

One reason I've been quieter than average recently is that I'm trying to concentrate more at work. I had got into the bad habit of spending a little time pissing about online from work ;) Made an effort over the last few weeks to not do that so much. Maybe that's good, as I got a payrise on Tuesday :D

Good job I am working hard at the moment, as things are quite busy. Trying to write a specification whilst simultaneously assigning work from it to two other people, support the existing system, handle on-going random support issues, and all the other things that get thrown at me. Busy busy! Still. Good fun though :)

Probably for the best that I got a rise the other day, as I spent about £500 within about a week the other day.

Bought an XBox 360 Elite :D So, that's where I've lost some more time ;) Also managed to spend two hours and £115 in a big Tesco, but I got some nice new bits and bobs for me gaff :) Speaking of which, I had a flat inspection yesterday, but all went well :)
(In spite of mentioning that two heaters have got the arse with me, and I also had some peaches die in a bin [Tesco bag] on my kitchen floor, that managed to transfer the writing on the bottom of the bag onto the floor :S Attacked that with all manner of substances but failed to shift it)

Have also been getting around the country a bit recently. On top of having seen my parents a few times...

Wait for it...

The girl that I'm dating* has been in the process of moving from living about an hour west of me to about three hours east of me, so I've been helping her out with various odds and sods (whilst also being a bit odd, and a bit of a sod), as well as just randomly having time occuppied on related matters ;)

* Official Vocab Guide: The terms "dating" and "seeing" have been approved for use by me at this time ;)