Wednesday, February 08, 2017

This One Goes to Eleven

Fuck me. Eleven years since I first wrote on this blog?

I have observed recently that time has been playing tricks with me. Things that were ten years ago feel like they happened in a different lifetime, while things about five years ago feel like they were almost last week.

I suppose in some ways it is entirely accurate to think of some things as a lifetime ago, because... I do feel like a different person now. Complete with a whole new set of priorities, dreams, and new and exciting ways of fucking things up ;)

Even although I am aware of how much I have changed, I find it fascinating to consider how my "core" feels the same. I frustrate myself sometimes, but I'm still ultimately proud of who I am.

I was very aware last year of anniversaries of things. Ten years, in particular, since starting this blog. Since getting married. Since moving out. I liked the idea of writing something, but when I tried, it felt... Forced. The words did not flow.

So many memories in this blog. Good times and bad. As I ponder it all though, it makes me smile.

I'm still glad for the journey and the people I encountered on it, each one enriching my life in some way, as I do hope I added something too to theirs.

Sending love to all the crazy and wonderful people I associate with my memories of this blog. I hope you are well, and I truly hope you are happy :) x