Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Push the Button

Ooh! Exciting!

And here I am ironing my shirt.

Ooh there it goes! Into the chamber, now they're removing the 'cork'!

I mean I'm quite pleased for them that, on the whole, it's going so well so far. I mean it's not the sort of thing you can easily test, I imagine!

This is more exciting than I was expecting, I have to say.

I also realise that, in the very unlikely event that the world ended, I have in my heart always tried to do what I believe to be 'the right thing'. I am pleased to have regrets. If I looked back and saw nothing I regretted, I think that would be wrong. I hope I've learnt from them. You know, if the world did end, I think I'd feel at peace.

Whoohoo! It worked!

And now I can get back on with living :)


  1. They did say on the news that its only being cranked up to full power in October some time...

  2. So Nostramdamus was wrong then....I so wanted them to switch it on and bang the thingies together and for it to create a minature earth with people looking up at us looking at them...

    One of my friends cancelled an evening out with me tonight and I'm sure it's because he thought he might not be around to see it!

  3. Yes Ing, and I'm amazed at how much there is to go... I mean that first test, it took like 30mins to do a 'lap' ?
    And at full power it'll be doing 11,000 laps every second!

    Nunkey: lol :) Had people been applying the Nost-meister's predictions to this, then? I missed that :)

    I love the idea that someone would have cancelled for that... I mean did he expect only half the population to disappear, and thought he best cancel to be on the safe side in case you didn't realise!? :)